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12/03/10 02:51 PM #1556    


Shane Hamilton


01/18/11 09:50 AM #1557    


Dave Dirren

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

Hope everybody is healthy and doing well.

02/04/11 04:36 AM #1558    


Lisa Stephens

Wow, It's been a year since anyone has posted here...Who was last to post?...Wow Dave, you're such a bummer...;=))

02/25/11 08:51 PM #1559    

Dean Pierno

Hey Gang!

Lisa Stephens has spearheaded an opportunity to get together here in Tucson.

Tucson Benefit Concert

Jackson Browne, Corsby and Nash and Alice Cooper are hosting a concert to benifit the charitable fund that was created after the shooting here in January. Other acts will include Jerry Riopelle and Keb Mo. This is guaranteed to be a great show.

The concert is March 10. Doug Holland has opened his home for a pre concert shindig. This should be a good time and it would be great to gather a good size crew.

If you;'re interested please contact me at 520-440-0350 or email: for more details.

Come on y'all! We're 50, we deserve this!

Hope to see you.

Dean Pierno

03/17/11 11:36 PM #1560    


Shane Hamilton

Landen Hamilton 2010 Champ @Grinding Stone MX, across from The Fort , Fountain hills az.


04/01/11 12:24 PM #1561    

Andy McClure



Congrats on your sons accomplishments!!


Andy McClure

04/09/11 03:43 PM #1562    


Kim Calhoun (Carson)

Awww.... How cute, a mini Shane!


05/27/11 12:22 AM #1563    


Anita Trachtenberg (McClaskey)

Landon looks just like you, Shane. Just as cute as you were at his age!


08/14/11 11:57 PM #1564    


Shane Hamilton

Thanks Andy, Kim,and Anita... I just logged on after 2 many mos... Hope every one is having a great summer...  God bless :0)=

11/02/11 04:57 PM #1565    

Mona Stacy

November 25, 2011 -5:30 - ???   Blue 32 Sports Grill - 7293 N Scottsdlae Rd.

We will be joining up with the Class of '80 for a Happy Hour!  Everyone is welcome, come join us!!

03/03/12 03:55 PM #1566    


Lisa Stephens


09/05/12 09:48 PM #1567    


Anita Trachtenberg (McClaskey)

RIP Brian Hall. You were the one that made me feel at ease about going to our 30th reunion. I will never forget your kind words and encourgement. I went and had a great time. Your time was cut way too short. You died doing something you loved, flying. You were an amazing man and even though you aren't with us anymore, you will never be forgotten. Thank you for being you.


11/28/12 07:08 PM #1568    


Shane Hamilton

Happy Holidays and A Very Merry Christmas to ALL 

02/10/13 04:30 PM #1569    


John Bryant

Hello, Class of 1979!  I'm Class of 1978, my sister Janel is Class of 1979.

Below is a link with photos of the Saguaro campus as it looked before the renovation (almost total destruction) of the old campus.  Enjoy.

05/12/13 11:54 AM #1570    


Kim Calhoun (Carson)

Sorry to say that another Saguaro classmate, Kathy Chadwick has passed.  It seems way too young an age to die.

01/02/19 10:03 PM #1571    

Mona Stacy

Is anyone in the forum?? 


01/03/19 10:21 AM #1572    


Marc Beitman (Beitman)

I just got on to the page

01/03/19 10:26 AM #1573    


Preston Price

I am here.

01/03/19 11:57 AM #1574    


Eric Billings

I got the message

01/03/19 12:11 PM #1575    

Elizabeth Palmer (Larson)

I really hope to make it to this years renunion, 40 years!! WOW!!

01/03/19 12:51 PM #1576    

Nancy Bluestein (Sullivan)

I'm here too

01/03/19 03:27 PM #1577    

Steve Olson

Hi friends.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. 

01/04/19 10:24 AM #1578    


Dave Dirren

We're back!

05/02/19 01:30 PM #1579    

Lajunta Karick (Daniels)

Is there a list anywhere of who plans to attend the reunion? 😊

05/03/19 08:38 PM #1580    

Mona Stacy

Hi LaJunta,

i am not sure where to post that at, but yes I have a list!

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